Deborah Coburn

Deborah Coburn has worked within the personal development industry for over 20 years.

Deborah’s back ground was training as a Hairstylist and Makeup artist. Working for
a Modelling agency for three years where she ran courses in personal deportment,
grooming and life skills.


Deborah studied at an International School in Britain where she trained in a Film College for the film and television industry. Deborah then worked within the film industry over many years. During this time having worked within the beauty and film industry she has always had a strong sense that both the outside and the inner person need’s to be developed.


Having trained in the Life Coaching industry, where working along side ‘Its your life live it’, Deborah provides courses that provide tools to empower and build confidence from the inside, that reflects on the outside. It has given her the ability to deliver courses that can produce major change in people’s lives.

Deborah Coburn is an NLP Practitioner, Instructor and Time Line Therapist.  She now looks forward to providing courses that Provide tools to empower and build confidence from the inside, that reflects on the outside.


Over the years Deborah has been involved in running courses in schools and empowerment courses for women.

Running polytechnic courses and for the corporate industry with hotel staff in the hospitality industry. It has given her a wide diverse level of experience over the year’s incorporation working with teenagers through to adults on many levels.

My mission is to support the growth of everyone I meet, to encourage and bring out the qualities that we all possess inside. Assist in providing the tools to provide a platform and use my knowledge to the best of my ability to promote support. To provide the tools to shine a light on a different way of living that enhances the wellbeing of every person I work with.








Women on the Move



‘Women on the Move’ Seminar is specifically designed to enhance you as an individual. On our one day  course we will overview how you can create new direction, confidence, self-esteem and inner happiness - helping you to move forward into your ideal future.


This course also incorporates our Collective workshop with their fabulous styling skills. Their dedicated team of hair and makeup specialists bring fresh ideas in hair styling and makeup techniques.


“Looking great and feeling fantastic is what we are all about!”



Deborah's Mission


9.30am to 4.00pm, Date to be Advised

Tickets $95 (includes lunch) available from Collective.




“ Firstly thank you so much for putting on such an amazing course, I personally got a lot out of it!  Your efforts and energy was so evident and your material was real!  I loved it! I’m really into personal development and learning and your course is 100% on the right track. You are onto a great thing Deborah!!  Your giving spirit shines right out of you. Beautiful! You really radiate goodness and are an amazing role model to so many more than you could imagine.”  Nicola Morris


“ I have had the pleasure in doing a number of courses where Deborah was the tutor and personally I enjoyed all of them, she is a very clear and patient person and with her personality you also have fun whilst she provides tools to empower and build confidence."      Claudia Faichney


“ I was lucky enough to experience Collectives first workshop.  At this time my confidence was slowly going and I wondered how I was going to manage to get back to feeling good about myself.  Being part of this group of ladies who were all in a similar positions to me in some way made me feel like I wasn’t alone.  The course taught me

how to work with what I have with amazing tips on fashion that suited my body shape, applying makeup and hair styling.  It was one night a week I always looked forward to it, with fun, laughter and anticipation of what we would be doing next. Great times and thanks again Deborah. ”      Glenda Smith


Monday to Wednesday 9am-5pm, Thursday to Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday 10am-5pm

29 Beach Street, Queenstown, New Zealand.   P 03 442 5144   E